Group Pictures

Farewell to Kaushik & Sunhwan, 2018

Lemkul Lab's Visit, 2018

Prabhu's Farewell Party, 2015

Kenno's Farewell Picnic, 2015


Sound advice.

Pedro's Farewell Picnic, 2014


Alex is having fun!

Members of the group enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

From left to right: Chandra (Swaan's lab), Kenno, Chayan and Jihyun

See there is your mistake!

From left to right: Xiao and Victor

Say cheese, huh, what?

From left to right: Elizabeth and Olgun


From left to right: Elizabeth, Yeva and Kenno

Someone bet that he couldn't eat the burrito in one bite.

From left to right: Chayan and Xiao

Enjoying lunch at Salsaritas

From left to right: Shijun, Deva and Pedro

Holiday party, 2007

From left to right: Shijun, Chayan, Deva, Pedro, Alex, Xiao, Alba, Victor, Olgun, Denzil and Igor

Everyone CHEERS!

We have to get our aggression out somehow.

From left to right: Alex, back of Xiao's head, Victor sideview

I could be the next Vanna White, really! Poster presentation, Pharmacy Research Day.

From left to right: Kenno, Chandra (Swaan's lab), Victor

Chatting with an old friend

Alex talking with Regina Pietruszko (his former Ph.D. advisor) before his Grollman-Glick professorship award ceremony