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Elizabeth Denning


Postdoctoral Research Assisant, University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy; Advisor: Prof. Alex MacKerell

P.h.D Computational Biophysics, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; Advisor: Prof. Thomas B. Woolf ; Thesis: Computer Simulations Used to Understand the Roles of Voltage and Domain Motions During Potassium Channel Gating

B.S. Biochemistry, Juniata College ; Advisor: Prof. Lorraine Mulfinger ; Thesis: Understanding how sidechain modifications affect membrane protein behavior: A Melittin Study

Research Interests:

Computational Biochemistry/Biophysics

Computational Method Development

Molecular Dynamics of Large Biological Systems


JR Perilla, O Beckstein, EJ Denning, and TB Woolf. Computing transitions in Macromolecular systems: Dynamic Importance Sampling Journal Computational Chemistry (2010) in press.

EJ Denning and TB Woolf. Cooperative Nature of Gating Transitions in K+ channels as seen from Dynamic Importance Sampling Calculations, Proteins (2010) 78:1105-1119.

EJ Denning, PS Crozier, JN Sachs, and TB Woolf. From the gating charge response to pore domain movement: Initial motions of Kv1.2 dynamics under physiological voltage changes Molecular Membrane Biology (2009) 26(8):397-421.

O Beckstein, EJ Denning, JR Perilla, and TB Woolf. Zipping and Unzipping of Adenylate Kinase: Atomistic Insights into the Ensemble of Open <--> Closed Transitions Journal of Molecular Biology (2009) 394(1):160-76.

EJ Denning and TB Woolf. Double Bilayers and Transmembrane Gradients: A Molecular Dynamics Study of a Highly Charged Peptide, Biophysical Journal (2008) 95:3161-3173.

EJ Denning and TB Woolf. Computational Modeling of Membrane Bilayers: Chapter14: Computational Models for Electrified Interfaces, edited by Dr. Scott Feller. 2008

L Blazer, E Denning, CW Hemmis, MD Boyle, and L Mulfinger. Monitoring Peptide Modification by SELDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry, American Laboratory (Dec. 2005), 15-18.


Biophysical Society Member (2005-present), 

American Chemical Society Member (2003 – 2004),

Pfizer Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (2003),

Contact Information:

Elizabeth Denning

20 Penn St. HSF II, rm 601

Baltimore, MD 21201


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