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Current Research

Identifing specific inhibitor for SHP2 protein

Working on identifying specific inhibitors for SHP-2 protein via (CADD) that could bind SHP-2 and inhibit its catalytic activity. This can lead to the development of new drugs that ultimately can serve as treatments of inherited disorder Noonan syndrome and might also contribute to the pathogenesis of some leukemias. Calulate Potential of Mean Force (PMF) between closed and open states of the SHP2. WHAM, or Weighted Histogram Analyze Method is used for Free Energy profile calculation.


Developing base derivatives that improve TFO binding to a target duplex


Understanding Mechanisms of DNA adduct formation

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Previous Research

Statistical Estimates of the Absolute Internal-Rotational Entropy

See reference 7, 8.

Developing therapies based on Triplex Forming Oligonucleotodes (TFOs)

Spin-labeled DNAs Project was conducted while in graduate school at WVU See references 4, 5, 6.


Publications & References


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Other references

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SHP2 opening